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EverGrowing Studio

Since 2001, EverGrowing has continually produced award‑winning, innovative and creative visual design solutions for a wide variety of clients. The foundation of our work is the belief that good design facilitates the smooth flow of information.

Blending classically proven design principles with creative innovation, we bring a wide breadth of knowledge to our work and have a true passion for what we do. Our portfolio includes projects that are commercial, educational, artistic and entertaining in nature.

Our Clients

EverGrowing Studio works directly with brands and a partner to leading advertising agencies. Our clients include many high profile entertainment, automotive, B2B, and lifestyle brands.

Adidas/ Adobe/ AirPR/ Apple/ BBC/ Capcom/ Marc Jacobs/ Microsoft/ Mitsubishi/ Neustar/ Nike/ PayPal/ RunSocial/ Samba TV/ SEGA/ Silas/ Specialized/ Universal/ VBP and Virgin.

EverGrowing ClientsEverGrowing Clients

Awards & Recognitions

We’re proud to be consistently recognized by the industry’s leading awards and publications. We’ve received honors from the ADDY Awards, Communication Arts, The One Show, Campaign Magazine, BIMA Awards and the FWA among others.

Our studio and its work have been featured in leading publications like Graphics International, Communication Arts, Creative Review, The Face Magazine, Computer Arts Magazine, Taschen Books, Die Gestalten Verlag, Booth-Clibborn Editions.


The One Show Merit Award for Interactive: Viral.
May 2006


Receives The FWA ‘Site of the Day’ Award.
November 2006

Venables, Bell & Partners
Receives an ADDY for Self Promotion in Advertising.
March 2005.


Nike Soccer Tape
Comm Arts: Interactive Award for Advertising.
September 2004


Nike Soccer Tape
Receives Macromedia ‘Site of the Day’ Award.
August 2003


WSK Artists
Receives The FWA ‘Site of the Day’ Award.
August 2002

WSK Artists
Receives the Flash GFX ‘Stunning Site’ Award.
June 2002

Naked Communications
Receives ‘Best Agency website’ from Campaign Mag. 
December 2001


Receives a Kaliber 10000 ‘Link of the Week’ Award.
August 2000

Receives a Netdiver Network Explorative Site Award.
March 2000

Ram Records
Receives a Netdiver Network Flash Gallery Site Award.
March 2000

Richard Rogers Partnership
Receives special commendation at the BIMA Awards.
September 2000



Web Design: Navigation (Icons)
March 2009 – Taschen Books
Featuring: Mark Holthusen and Silas & Mara #3.

Web Design: Video Sites (Icons)
December 2008 – Taschen Books
Featuring: Current TV, SEGA and Nike Soccer Tape.

Web Design: Best Portfolios (Icons)
August 2005 – Taschen Books
Featuring: Mark Holthusen Photography portfolio.

Web Design: Best Studios (Icons)
June 2005 – Taschen Books
Featuring: The work of EverGrowing Studio.

Gas Book – Gas Pressing issue 04
December 2004 – Design Exchange
Featuring: EverGrowing Studio, Silas, Nike & Clinic.

Gas Book 17
November 2004 – Design Exchange
Featuring: Artwork from Clinic the band website.

Communication Arts – Interactive Annual 10
October 2004 – Communication Arts
Featuring: The Nike Soccer Tape Campaign Award.

Creative Review – Volume 25
March 2004 – Creative Review
Featuring: Artwork from the Silas & Maria website.

Fashion News (Japan)
July 2002 – Volume 79
Featuring: EverGrowing Studio and Silas & Maria.


Relax Magazine (Japan)
October 2002 – Issue 68
Interview and featured work of EverGrowing Studio.

Graphics International
September 2002 – Issue 98
Featuring: The Richard Rogers Partnership website.

The Face Magazine
August 2002 – Issue 55
Featuring: Artwork from the Silas & Maria website.

Interface Design Book
January 2002 – Cassell & Co.
Featuring: Microsoft IE 5 (Mac Edition) re-design.

4X4 Photoshop and Flash: Time & Stasis.
January 2002 – Friends of ED
Featuring: EverGrowing Studio artwork & tutorials.

72-Dpi Anime
November 2001 – Gestalten Verlag
Book and DVD Featuring: EverGrowing Studio’s work.

Specials: New Graphics Book
October 2001 – Booth-Clibborn
Featuring: Artwork from the Silas & Maria website.

150 B&T.
August 2001 – Butler & Tanner
Limited edition book featuring EverGrowing Studio.

Computer Arts Magazine
July 2001 – Issue 22
Featuring: Artwork from EverGrowing Studio.


Campaign Magazine
December 2001 – Issue N/A
Featuring: The Naked Communications website.

Media Week
July 2001 – Issue N/A
Featuring: The Naked Communications website.

Spoon Magazine (Japan)
June 2001 – Issue N/A
Featuring: Silas & Maria and EverGrowing Studio.

E2 Magazine
2001 – Issue 2
Featuring: Artwork from the Silas & Maria website.

Web Design Index
January 2000 – Pepin Press. Agile Rabbit Editions.
Book/ DVD Featuring: EverGrowing and Ram Records.

Computer Arts Magazine
Special Issue 2000 – Issue 7
Featuring: Artwork from BBC Choice & Nykris Digital.

NMC. New Media Creative
January-March 2000 – Issue 3
Microsoft IE 5 (Macintosh Edition) re-design feature.

The Independent
February 2000 – Network Section.
Microsoft IE 5 (Macintosh Edition) re-design article.

Computer Arts Magazine
Special Issue 2000 – Issue 7
Richard Rogers website feature & design tutorials.


EverGrowing StudioEverGrowing Studio

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